To the Representatives who refused to stand

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To the Representatives who refused to stand

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Back in 2017 I was watching a joint session of Congress where the president was honoring a fallen American hero with the widow and children in attendance.  The event was televised, and when the camera rolled over the representatives during the Pledge of Allegiance several representatives remained seated, talking amongst themselves – oblivious to the dishonor they were showing to both the family, their elected office, and the Nation. Anyway,  I was truly offended, and this is both the poem, and also what I then wrote as a preface:  “Hold on to your hats, because I’m really, really not happy! No language bars here in this purely political poem! When elected representatives refuse or fail to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem – or just as disgraceful – fail to stand during the joint session of Congress when the President is honoring a slain American Hero in front of his widow – there’s something really sad, and wrong about these people – and they sure as hell don’t deserve to be elected to anything, lest the United States Congress.”

Representatives not standing for pledge

To the Representatives who refused to stand
copyright 2017 by jon gutmacher

We’re each Americans
it’s just what we do
we stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
and the National Anthem, too

So, why is an elected representative now sitting down?
Is this a joke?
Are you just  a clown?

When citizens give their lives
to help keep us free
get off your damn butt
Don’t look down at me!

You’re sit in the Senate
You sit in the House
you are far, far too rich
and it seems, just a louse

The responsibility that goes – with us being free
but you don’t stand for the flag
Please, how can that be?

And you have the damn nerve
to hold office, too?
But you have no respect
for the Red, White, and Blue

The tears are streaming
straight down my face
As I watch home in shock
at this, your disgrace

The office you were elected to serve
You really never cared
you’re just a big joke — the truth now comes bared

I’m tired . . .
I’m worn . . .
of all your crap
Stand up, yes, by God
or never come back

For we are a Nation
of more than just words
men shed their blood
We all must be heard!

And so now to you
you vile elected bum
Go damn straight to hell
Don’t walk – yes, please run

Who shirks the pure essence
of  our long honored flag
who makes each your voters
beyond fricking mad

It’s time you were ushered  – out to the street
and left there to rot
in final defeat

For when you’re elected
in this blessed Land
it’s about fricking time
for you
just to stand!

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