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Snow White — fantasy poem

Snow White – fantasy poem
©2012 by Jon Gutmacher

The most popular and top read poetry version of Snow White on the web, with over nine thousand (9,000) reads — it was my first attempt at putting a fairy tale into a fantasy poem.  The original story of Snow White was made popular by the Brothers Grimm in the 1800’s, but owes its real popularity to the animated Disney version. My fantasy poetry version of Snow White has become the top rated “Snow White” fantasy poem on the web. This fantasy poem largely follows the original Disney version of the story, from start to finish, with all the Disney characters.  It was created on a personal “dare” to see if I could create a full length fantasy poem from an existing story. That challenge took almost three weeks to complete in order stay true to the original story, and not miss any of its essential parts. Still, its original inspiration came from watching the coming attractions for the 2012 film “Snow White and the Huntsman” (release date May 31, 2012).  If you like it, you might also try my Cinderella poem, Beauty and the Beast poem, Hansel and Gretel poem, or my Rapunzel poem  — all of which have become the top rated fantasy poems in their genre.   

Snow White – fantasy poem
©2012 by Jon Gutmacher

The Queen
so fair
the mirror bright
it says her name
but thinks
Snow White
For evil lies
in heart so black
and nothing
it stay

Her beauty reigns
in castle tall
but hidden
its walls

Lie spells
and magic
as dark as night
with gloom
and death
no, nothing’s –

For she
the Queen
of darkness all
rules by death
and magic

She questions the mirror
again this day
“Who is the fairest
“Who is?
“I say!

“My queen, you are the fairest now
“no one compares
“nor, you allow
“but beauty runs
“beyond skin deep
“and in these things
“your blackness keep
“but yes, behold
“you are most fair
“your beauty
“reigns supreme

The Queen looked puzzled
at the vow
but thought not much
not then . . . but now
for all she saw
was that to see
her beauty great
oh, that
it be

And went to hall
where knights bowed down
her subjects groveled
all around
and gawked and looked
her beauty fair
for she
was much
to see

Her body tight
her skin so pure
her eyes so blue
like deep azure
and hair so black
like heart not seen
a face so fair
quite like
a dream

But deep within
that heart of stone
lived a hell
that she called home
for jealous to
an inch of life
let none oppose
lest die
in strife

With poisoned eyes
and poisoned spells
and poisoned potions
from poisoned wells
her evil vision
could see thru stone
this Queen
who rules
this Land

And so the days
turned into night
and time passed on
with each dawn’s light
and sent her armies
far and wide
until she ruled
all countrysides

And all did homage
to this Queen
who broke her enemies
through force
and scheme
For none could stand
against her now
Her powers
Stood all tests

“Now mirror, mirror
“on the wall
“Who is the fairest
“Of us all?
“Who rules the land
“Who rules from hell
“Who casts bold spells
“That none can quell?

“T’is you, my queen
“Who is most fair
“With azure eyes
“And flowing hair
“But Snow White lives
“and now grows tall
“her beauty deep
“will be your fall
“For when she turns
“but twenty one
“Your life will end
“Your reign undone
“And Prince from far
“will take your Land
“their love
“will make her queen!

The Queen turned black
Her rage drew flames
She screamed with hate
at Snow White’s name
and vowed to cut
pure heart from breast
“Until that’s done
“I shall not rest!

And ran to Hall
her knights they bowed
and brought the huntsman
from where
t’was found
and ordered him
that very day
to seek Snow White
who he would slay
and cut her heart
from beating breast
and place it then
in small jeweled

“Then bring her heart
“that I can see
“that Snow White’s death
“is sure!!”

The huntsman thought to ask
but why
But knew to ask
Then he
would die
so simply bowed
with fist to chest
to do her bidding
on this
black quest

So left the Hall
and set on out
to obey his
evil Queen

He’d heard Snow White
her beauty, true
did live in woods
where not . . . he knew
but searched the lands
until one day
he heard her name
“Snow White”
they say

Is purer than an evening star
her smile warms all
from near and far
and hair so black
and lips so red
with perfect body
is what
they said

And there she was
in clearing light
her smile shown
her eyes were bright
and pure as pure
a gentle stream
no hint of bad
no stroke of mean

She looked at him
as he approached
his blade came out
he grabbed her throat
but then her goodness
he dropped the knife
his hands went

“Oh, Princess . . . I cannot!
“For you are too fair
“I cannot harm
“one precious hair
“You are so pure
“you are so good
“I see why she wants you

And then the huntsman told her all
And Snow White turned
an ashen pall
“Now hide – or die
“as quick can be
“I’ll slay a pig
“for Queen
“to see
“For if she ever finds the truth
“we’ll both pay
“with our lives!”

And deep the forest did she go
where fainted dead
in morning snow
and seven dwarfs did
find her there
and took her to their home

And there she lived
for most three years
their steadfast love
quelled all her fears
until one day
the Queen arrived
with apple in her

And dwarfs were gone
she could not see
the evil witch
that Queen could be
and took a bite
then felt the death
but cried one time
to dwarfs in west

They heard her cry
thru forest and trees
and grabbed their weapons
and ran with speed
and saw the Queen
and cut her down
and cried aloud. . .
at what they found

Snow White lay dead
Upon the snow
yet still in death
she held a glow
so pure her beauty
so pure her heart
they could not accept
they could not part
so built a box of glass so fair
and placed her in
with loving care
and in a clearing
for all to see
her beauty never

And years they passed
until one day
she’d be twenty one
or so . . . all say
and on that day
a Prince so bold
who heard the tale
that many told
and rode his horse
into the clear
and lifted glass
then pressed her near

For he was great
and magic, too
and in his heart
he always knew
that he would find her
on that day
and kissed her lips
swept death

And watched her color
begin to grow
her eyes they opened
at first – so slow
For love had triumphed
where death had not
as all around
dwarfs cheered!

He took her to his land
as queen
then joined their lands
and those
and all rejoiced
and all was well
for the Land
was now
at peace


“Oh, mirror, mirror
“On the wall
“Who is the fairest
“Of them all?


The background image is from the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” and shows the Wicked Queen, Ravenna, (played by Charlize Theron) emerging from a vat of white liquid.  Pretty astounding shot, and used by me with permission from Universal Studios (as long as not used commercially).  The image certainly portrays the evil of this Queen.  Videos of both movies below.

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