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So Long Ago – fantasy poem

So Long Ago – a haunting fantasy poem of eternal love
This haunting fantasy love poem spans a lifetime, and gives you the feeling of going in and out of a dream. It tells the tale of two lovers, separated by time and a terrible disaster at sea  where one of them is lost at sea, forever.  In many ways —  very much like the Titanic. The end is deeply spiritual, and completes their story — joining them in a place beyond time . . . forever.  It is a poem that I love, and consider among my best poems.

So Long Ago – fantasy poem
copyright 2012 by jon gutmacher

So long ago
so long ago
across the ice
and blowing snow
as if a dream
a dream I know
so long ago
so long ago

I met a girl
of flaxen hair
she held my hand
to everywhere
she stole my heart
she stole my soul
so long ago
so long ago

I saw her photo
in the news
she took a flight
and then a
but it went down
in water deep
so far away
its secrets keep
so long ago
so long ago

They sent their ships
they sent their planes
they looked that night
and then
for days
but nothing did they ever see
but sky
and waves
upon the sea
so long ago
so long ago

They called the search
and shook their heads
so many lost
presumed them dead
and none were found
not one
not ten
so long ago
so long ago

We laid some flowers
on the sea
and thought of her
and where she’d be
and hoped it was
not painfully slow
the flowers drifted
so long ago
Ah, yes . . . it was
so long ago

I keep her photo
close to me
and feel the pain
that all
can see
and yes, I see
love in her eyes
she keeps my heart
I die
so long ago
so long ago

And now I’m old
I’ll soon
pass on
to where . . . know not
but I’ll be gone
and all this time
she’s in my dreams
she whispers soft
and fills my needs
so long ago
so long ago

I feel so strange
I feel so down
and suddenly . . .
the room spins
all around
and on the floor
I rest my head
and then I know
that I am
so long ago
so long ago

And then she comes
thru air and time
I take her hand
pressed into mine
and then we leave
into the light
and pass thru time
with all things right
so long ago
so long ago

The background image shows a ghostly face of a beautiful woman suspended in mist — I found it long ago on the web, and lost track of its origin.

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