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Tasmerelda – fantasy poem

Tasmerelda – A Fairytale?
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher

Tasmerelda  was my first fantasy poem, and was the beginning idea for this website.  This fantasy poem creates a feeling much like the beginning parts of  the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty  except in my poem,  it is an evil magician who prevails.    Tasmerelda tells the story of a beautiful princess kept prisoner in her castle by an Evil Magician who casts a spell on Tasmerelda and her entire kingdom — all pawns in this classic play of Evil against Good. A knight, clothed all in white (ie: “good”) is lured to the castle, and tries to rescue Tasmerelda, but fails, overcome by the powers of the Evil Magician —  just as the evil wizard planned from the very beginning.  The poem ends in a play on words, by asking two questions in one,  whether the story was simply a myth or fairy tale, or was it  a legend based on historic reality?   (ie:  “Was Tasmerelda”)   And if it really did happen —  it also asks if  Tasmerelda  will ever be rescued from her fate?  (ie: “ever be?”)  If you’d like to know the answer to that, read the sequel fantasy poem, The Legend of Evermore. 

Tasmerelda – A Fairytale?

©2011 by Jon Gutmacher

En Tigeray, es Tasmerelda
yearning err the Hooded Elder
and the Knight who rides in white
sighs Tasmerelda through the night

As tapestries sway back and forth
the midnight breeze comes blowing forth
and White Knight stands near hooded horror
Calling eerie through her parlor

To Tasmerelda, where she be
She sighs and moans to be set free
and White Knight thrusts with sharpened blade
the eerie sounds at last are stayed

Tis Tasmerelda at last
set free?

But no, he falters
the blade is stopped
and hooded in his eerie frock
The magic plays
The music strays
and White Knight falls to blood fate grave

And all is silent
Yes, all is lost
and moaning from her tower loft
cries Tasmerelda for one last time
Now mist and vines begin to climb

Eer castle, tower, all in all
the spell is woven
the gatemen fall

And all asleep forever more
in tangled garments, and vine tossed lore

Was Tasmerelda
ever be?

If you’d like to see a great video by a friend of mine, David Cate of, that features the Tasmerelda fantasy poem, and also some of the background images of my other poems, please click the link below.  As to the awesome background image of the castle – it’s off the web years ago, and trying to find the source.  It’s exactly as I envision the castle in my fantasy poem.

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