The Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster of 2024

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The Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster of 2024

On March 26, 2024, around 1:30 a.m., a fully loaded cargo ship with a total weight over 100,000 tons crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore Harbor, taking the bridge down in seconds.  It appears the ship was experiencing electrical problems that took out the steering.  I wrote this poem while watching the News later that morning

Baltimore Bridge Collapse 2024
Baltimore Bridge Collapse 2024

The Baltimore Bridge Tragedy
copyright 2024 by jon gutmacher

The Francis Scott Key Bridge
was built with great care
but a ship took that bridge out
it’s no longer there

Over 100,000 tons and fully loaded
three football fields long
crashed into the bridge
and Man! did it fall

Crashed into the water
in seconds came down
cars, trucks, and the people
yeah – all of em drowned

The water so cold
and dirty with muck
and all those who were on it
were plumb, out of luck

The crew couldn’t believe it
the power was gone
the lights began to flicker
then it hit like a bomb

Right into a main piling
that held the bridge in its place
took one hit from that cargo ship
and got totally erased

Steel flying everywhere
collapsing around
a roar like an earthquake
as the bridge tumbled down

And people and cars
in the dark of the night
hit the water and sank
in a terrible fright

Now all that is left
is a river of steel
all twisted and broken
and lives that can’t heal

And perhaps it was error
perhaps it was not
perhaps it was sinister
the speculation’s a lot
But if one ship can do that
to a bridge large and grand
then there’s significant danger
to all in this land


Tragically,  the exact same thing had happened back on May 9, 1980 to the St. Petersburg, Florida, Sunshine Skyway Bridge killing 35 people including a bus with everyone aboard dying.  (photo below)

1980 Florida Bridge Collapse

1980 Florida Bridge Disaster

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