The Captive Wizard – a fantasy poem in allegory

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The Captive Wizard – a fantasy poem in allegory

The Captive Wizard – a fantasy poem in allegory
“The Captive Wizard” is a fantasy poem about a powerful wizard who allows himself to be captured in order to seek retribution on behalf of himself and all other travelers in a kingdom unjustly ruled by an evil queen.  In truth, it is an allegory about a case I handled as an attorney where the female judge I was dealing with was giving me a very hard time in court.  I got even — if only in my daydreams, and this poem.  And, if you want to know the end of the story,  in the end I won the case, and both the judge and I gained a lot of respect for each other.  But, it was a hard fight, just like this fantasy poem.

The Captive Wizard – a fantasy poem in allegory
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

The man was taken off his horse
as he traveled thru the land
he said he had done nothing wrong
he did not understand

“You failed to pay
“you failed to bow
“and so you broke our law
“I seize your horse and all you own
“and still, there’s so much more!

“But I protest!
“This isn’t fair
“I intended no such slight
“I am a wizard from a far off land
“I’ll be gone before dawn’s light!”

The warrior smashed him deftly hard
he staggered to the right
the blood ran from the wound it left
he was bound so could not fight

Then dragged behind the warriors horse
back to the castle tall
he ran along
as best he could
lest be dragged
if he should fall

“What have we here?” the guard called out
“A prisoner for our queen?
“We’ll hang him high inside the court
“we’ll stretch that neck
“quite lean!”

They took him then
and threw him down
unto a dungeon deep
but smile he did
that no one saw
and then fell sound asleep

And woken in the morning light
and taken ‘fore the queen
her hair was black
with narrow eyes
her countenance was
quite mean

“How dare you, sir
come in my land
and not my homage do?
You shall be hanged
upon the morn
your head be
cut askew

He looked at her
and then at around
his eyes began to glow
blue fire then surrounded him
that all who looked
should know

“It’s not my time
“But, it is yours
“You’ve upset the powers that be
“You’ve captured here a wizard great
“you should have set me free!”

The sky drew dark
thick clouds appeared
and thunder sounded round
and lightening bolts did fill the sky
and deftly struck the ground

“I frighten not!” yelled the queen
enraged at what she saw
“No, wizard will overpower me
“I’d rather wager war!”

And then a dragon
appeared from air
and grabbed her by the head
and shook it twice
then ripped it off
yes . . . she was surely dead

The warriors who had mistreated him
were burned to ash and dust
the chains that had once bound him there
fell off, all turned
to rust

Those who survived
bowed to the mage
and asked him “Please, forgive!”
they held hands out
and swore an oath
if He would let them live

He raised his hands unto the sky
and dragon swooped to ground
it dropped the head
of evil queen
the rest, was never found

“I let you live on this day
“but your castle i destroy
“your laws were bad
“your queen was worse
“you had me quite annoyed!

“So, I did come
“to teach you all
“a lesson to be learned
“that those who harm a traveler . . .
“will have their castles burned!”

And then the mage
turned into light
it almost made them blind
but on a rock near crumbled wall
did this inscription find:

“Let no man harm a traveler
or dragons will appear
For wizards roam these lands you have
of Them
you best have fear

I found this amazing fantasy image years ago, and was hoping for a fantasy poem where this would fit. I finally had the inspiration in this fantasy poem. The image is unnamed, and likewise, the artist was unlisted. An amazing creation found at: formerly at link:
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