The Castle by the Sea

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The Castle by the Sea

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The Castle by the Sea
copyright 2019 by jon gutmacher

I wrote some poetry
in the sand
built a castle
small, but grand

And as I build it
by the sea
the surf laps closer
as if to see

What kingdom here?
By castle tall
surrounded by
a sprawling wall

As ghost crabs meander
across its gates
I dig a moat
the ocean waits

And then the tide
comes rolling in
the moat fills quickly
the sand falls in

So mighty was that
thing of sand
with turrets tall
it sure looked grand

But now awash
as waves do come
I’m afraid my castle’s
finally done

The background image is a photo of a sand castle slowly being devoured by the incoming tide. It appears on Wikipedia commons and was taken by Curt Smith.
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