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The Creature – fantasy poem

The Creature – fantasy poem
The Creature is a fantasy poems about a mythical creature, part dog, part dragon — the last of its kind, who is slain by a knight, without need, without thought, without consideration. As the creature passes, cruelly slain, it realizes its fate, and sadly understands it is the last of its kind. And, in the end, is taken into the Great Light of God’s embrace, to be remembered only as legend. The poem was inspired by the background image, which I found on the web one day, and literally haunted me for weeks before this fantasy poem emerged.

The Creature – fantasy poem
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

Oh creature
as you breathe
your last
what foul deed
this day has passed

who did this thing
to end your life
of such a
precious soul?

Who flew the air
who did no harm
who flew to lands
no man had gone
to be so slain
by sword so quick
the last
your magic kind

For men know not
no honor have
to slaughter thus
your precious heart
unto the past
you now will pass
your legend gone
your life
the last

And so you look
unto your dreams
and God above
in sadness seems
to leave this Earth
to leave the Land
and neer to return

I pray for you
my heart beats low
for this is something
that I know
I shall never forget
all you were
as you pass
into God’s great light

The background fantasy image was found long ago on Alphacoders with no artist or other information posted.  I’ve since lost the page, but the image never leaves my mind.  It shows a winged creature, part dog, part dragon bleeding from a sword wound, realizing it is dying, and passing into the Great Light of God.

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