The Cure on Christmas Eve

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The Cure on Christmas Eve

The Cure on Christmas Eve

copyright 2019 by jon gutmacher

The father came and saw the child
a tear was in his eye
and tried to smile to show his love
but sometime father’s cry

So young, this child
when cancer struck
the family torn inside
How would they live
How could they go on
if the child did not survive

And so they gathered
round the bed
and held each other’s hand
and prayed to God
and hoped He’d hear
and prayed He’d understand

And on that night
through space and time
the Lord heard all their prayers
and sent an angel
on Christmas Eve
to give a helping hand

The room was silent
the child slept
the nurse had gone away
the father still sat beside the bed
but still made time to pray

And as he did there was a light
they seemed to fill the room
the angel looked
and shed a tear
then stopped approaching doom

And with a sweep of golden hand
the cancer stopped to grow
the child opened long shut eyes
and laughed as children do

The pain was gone
the cure took hold
the angel’s work was done
and through His love
their prayers came true
from Father God, above

The background painting is “The Doctor”, an 1891 painting by Luke Fildes that depicts a Victorian doctor observing the critical stage in a child’s illness while the parents gaze on helplessly from the periphery.

“The Cure on Christmas Eve” is a narrative poem about a Christmas miracle of healing. Something we all deeply hope for in those afflicted, especially if it happens in our own family.

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