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The Dance – a romantic fantasy poem

The Dance – romantic  fantasy poem 

“The Dance” is a very romantic poem.  It’s about a long married couple still in love, still sharing in intimate thoughts and feelings undiminished by time.  In that sense,  we all dream of finding that one special partner who fulfills our life, our soul, and our dreams.  Our “soulmate”.  This narrative poem, in very short order, tells that story, and shares it with the reader.   A reality or fantasy we all have wished for — here symbolized by a romantic dance between an older, but still very much in love couple. And as they dance, it seems to bring all of that together. So, this romantic fantasy poem, written in free verse, a poem of a long and close romance.  May we all find it.

The Dance- romantic fantasy poem
copyright 2015 by jon gutmacher

He held her hand
so gently
as she casually brushed against him
with that coy smile on her face
that she always had when she felt
close to him

And they looked at each other
exchanging an almost imperceptible look
as the warmth and electricity shot between them
never dulled
never dampened
after all these many
many years

And the band began to play
a slow Sinatra number
when he nodded towards the dance floor
as they both pushed back chairs together
and began to walk
to the dance floor

And then
just like the first time
they held each other
she moving so close to him
that each could feel the other’s breathing
soon lost themselves in all those years
they had been together

And the music they danced to
of who they were
and whom they had become together

The image shows a romantic couple completely involved with each other, dancing together in a very close slow dance.

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