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The Dream – a fantasy poem

The Dream – a fantasy poem
The Dream is both a fantasy poem and a love poem written in free verse. It tells the story of a woman grown old, still beautiful, who is haunted in a dream by a past love who continues to watch over her — whom she only realizes she dearly misses, once awake.  The poem, itself, is dreamlike – and many readers have said they felt like they were inside of it.  I hope you love it as I do.  

The Dream – a fantasy poem
©2011 by Jon Gutmacher

She was sleeping . . .
dreaming dreams of things
so long ago

Things that were
and never were
and those that could have been . . .

For she was old now
and while there were those
who still loved her
many had passed
and others were too far away
and so she was alone

A mirror appeared
and she looked in it
what she saw was not unpleasing

Yes, older . . .
but kind
and good
and despite all these years
there was an inner and outer beauty
that shone thru and burned bright

But also
there was a sadness there
for something was missing

Suddenly the mists of time appeared
swirling around her
until so thick that nothing could be seen
or heard
or even imagined
and then the mist cleared
and she found herself in a hallway
that went on . . . forever
and she did not know what to do

And for the first time
she was afraid
for she was alone
in a place so strange
that it seemed without end

And then she felt a hand in hers
and a soothing voice spoke to her
and she felt immediately calm
and warm
and good
and safe
and knew
for the first time
that she was not alone, and never would be
but still – she could not see him
for he was hidden

And she called to him saying
“Who are you , and how did you get here?”

And he laughed softly
with a gentleness that warmed her soul
and said: “Do not fear, my love, for I am always with thee”
“None can do you harm, for I watch over you ”

And with that
she awoke . . .

in her bed

Wishing with all her heart
She were back . . .
in the dream

The background fantasy image was created and copyrighted by an absolutely amazing artist, Raphael Lacoste, at  Title “Malik Shas’s Sanctuary”. It shows the ghost-like ruins of a once grand palace. Perfect in every way for a dream.

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