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The Flower – fantasy poem

The Flower – fantasy poem
In a quick read you might say this is merely a free verse poem or flash fiction story about a flower, but in truth it is an allegory and story of a beautiful, but shy woman,  trapped by loneliness, and the man, who by chance enters her life, and falls in love with her.    A story of dedication, love and romance in both fantasy and allegory.


The Flower – fantasy poem
copyright 2014 by jon gutmacher and revised in 2017

The flower lay against the wall
it’s petals folded
huddled against the harsh wind that blew
unrelenting from the north
and it shuddered
and withdrew
as the cold winds began to whistle and whip
across the desolation of the stark courtyard
where it grew
in its single isolation

No sun filtered thru
no warm air flowed
only dark grey clouds
streaming across an angry sky
each flying across the landscape
threatening to billow into snow or hail
but still
the flower was there
struggling against it all

One day a man crossed into the small alcove
quite by accident
and was amazed that anything could grow here
lest a flower
and he looked
and gently touched it
and as he did
the flower felt his warmth
and gentleness of his touch
and the petals moved
ever so slightly
but enough that he saw its beauty
and shook his head in awe

And looking around
he saw what he was looking for
and made an opening in one tall wall
where suddenly
the sun burst through
and showered that single flower
with a radiance it had not seen or felt before
and for the first time
it felt warm
and fulfilled
and safe

And then the man left
satisfied in what he had done
but returned each day
at the same time
when the sun broke free
and spread its warmth and light
through the opening he had made

And in those moments
however brief
the flower grew and flourished
with only the beauty that a loving hand
could have provided

And though the seasons passed
the flower continued to blossom 
as if magically
nurtured by the love of the man
who first drew the sun upon it
forever alive
forever beautiful

Until one day
when both grew so old
that together, they passed into time
and into the dreams of all those
who knew
and remembered them

The background image shows a beautiful flower growing strongly from a crack in the starkness of the surrounding concrete.

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