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The Frog Prince

frog with crown

The Frog Prince
copyright 2021 by jon gutmacher

There was a Frog who was once a prince
as princely as could be
but thought too much of only himself
he would never care for you or me

He played all day
he did no work
he lived in a castle tall
and one day this prince decided . . .
it was time to have a ball

He sent invitations to the ladies
the ladies in his land
it would be a terrific time for everyone
they would even have a band

And so all the ladies
and all of his knights
came to the ball at the castle
on a beautiful, starry night

The band did play
everyone did dance
with the prince in the middle of it all
it was an amazing party
it was an amazing ball

But the daughter of one lady
was not invited to go
and her mother was a powerful witch
something the prince, he did not know

It seems her daughter wasn’t that pretty
although she was very nice
so the prince did not invite her
and now had to pay the price

The price of not being thoughtful
to everyone he knew
it was the way he really should have been
and something everyone should do

Well, right in the middle of the ball
that witch she did appear
everything stopped
everyone afraid
everyone was filled with fear

And the witch pointed at the prince
with a wand that started to glow
and she said: “You made my daughter sad
Now, you’ll pay before I go”

“A curse on you, insensitive
you made my daughter cry
So, I’ll turn you into a big green frog
to croak – while days go by”

“And until you learn to mend your ways
until you feel for all
until you realize you were wrong
to not invite my daughter to the ball”

“You’ll live your life in the lily pads
You’ll eat bugs and big flies
You’ll sleep and croak, forevermore
under the open sky

“And then, if you are lucky
A princess will give you a kiss
My curse will end
You’ll be restored
to a real, but better prince”

And then the witch vanished
the band no longer played
there was a bang, and puff of smoke
everyone did run away

And in the middle of the floor
the prince was now a frog
he looked around, very much confused
then hopped off in the fog

And found himself on a lily pad
hungry for some bugs
and wondered if he would ever find
a princess who he might love

And then for years he hopped around
realizing that he had done wrong
to not invite – yes – everyone
so all could come along

And wished he’d been a better prince
and yes – a better man
who worried about his kingdom
and how he ruled his land

And one day near the castle
he was catching some tasty flies
and a princess just happened by his pond
she had beautiful, pretty eyes

And she saw the frog
and looked at him
and she began to sing
about a prince who turned into a frog
Oh, what a silly thing!

And she laughed at the thought of kissing him
on his froggy cheek
What if he turned into a prince?
Wouldn’t that be neat?

And she laughed at the thought
then picked him up
and gave him a little kiss
and the frog croaked out in happiness
she just granted his special wish

Then, POOF!!!
He turned back to a prince
quicker than you can think
He was a prince!
The spell no more!
All happened in a blink!

And the kingdom rejoiced with laughter
and the prince ordered another ball
but this time he made very sure
invitations were sent to all

And the witch and also her daughter
were welcomed to the ball
and the prince and princess fell in love
and were married in the fall

So, the moral of the story
is to be nice to everyone you meet
because that’s the way you should be
it’s a feeling you can’t beat

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