The Last Mountain Gorilla – a true life poem

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The Last Mountain Gorilla – a true life poem

The Last Mountain Gorilla – true poem
Virunga National Park in the Congo is the last refuge of the great mountain gorilla. Protected by rangers who are privately funded by citizens like you and I — their numbers are almost to the point of extinction — for men without souls kill these gentle creatures for their body parts — which are then mostly sold to Asian markets. The park is currently experiencing a crisis situation — and if you feel a responsibility for the planet, I would urge you to contribute what you can to at least try to save these amazing creatures before they are all killed off — the Park website is: This poem reflects my infinite sadness at what is happening, to these and all other sentient animals at dire risk on this planet.

The Last Mountain Gorilla – a true life poem
©2012 by Jon Gutmacher

Oh, Silverback
I hear your cry
alone, alone
I see
you die
I cannot get it
through my head
to know . . . 
all your kind
might soon
be dead

So gentle
in the summer breeze
your mighty roars
heard thru
the leaves

On mountains once
so far away
but evil stalks you
every day

To cut off your limbs
to kill your kind
and steal your young
I hear your cry

It echoes thru
the jungled trees
and I collapse
my knees

As tears roll down
I see your dead
no hands, no heads
but blood . . .
so red

Oh, how?
can men
do such a thing
to gentle ones
like you?

The background image shows a female mountain gorilla holding her cub protectively.  It is these gentle creatures who are being killed every day for their body parts.

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