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The Legend of Evermore – fantasy poem

The Legend of Evermore is a unique poem that combines several styles of writing all within the same fantasy poem.  The merger of styles is deliberate, and  overall it is fantasy poetry in classic fairy tale style, and is the epilogue and sequel to my earlier fantasy poem, Tasmerelda.  Likewise, the poem has a certain kinship to the ending parts of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.  It answers the question what happened to Tasmerelda, how the spell of the Evil Magician is broken, and how she, and her entire castle are rescued and set free — all in somewhat shocked disbelief from those living near the castle who thought her only to be a legend. Everything about this fantasy poem is magical — but like Tasmerelda — not all things end as they should. For while all rejoice in her rescue by a brave knight – Evil still watches . . . and decides . . . what is yet to come.

I composed a theme for my poem which you can hear by clicking the link in the box below.  I think listening to the theme as you read the poem really enhances it, and also sets the mood of the poem.   Hope you like it.

Last Man Standing
Theme for Evermore
Someone Like You

The Legend of Evermore
©2010-2011 by Jon Gutmacher

She sleeps in snow white death . . .
a hundred years of time
pass into nothing
for who remembers her?
except for those who perished with her?

A legend?
a myth?
a figment of imagination?
or time?

No air
no breath
no passing light
and does she even dream?
and if so, of what?

“Of what?”, you ask.
Of things you’ve never seen
or dreamed
or felt

For once there was
or so they say
and now what is
has gone its way

And even magic
cannot it stay
for the legend
called “Evermore”

And so time passes
each day alighting into tomorrow
and the cooling breeze flows freely
across the moonlite clouds

But no one
not a soul
still remembers
the beauty that She was
the perfection that She held
the touch of her hand
the depth of her laugh
the warmth of her smile
the truth in her heart

For ancient vines surround her now
the castle down
the gatemen all
and everything she loved and more
they do not now

Who placed this curse
on perfect brow?
is it to last
or end it now
or is it spent
or will it be
is there an answer
for us to see?

That is the question
I know you ask
so I put to you this final task
to determine the answer
the truth you seek
the shadow past
that truth might speak

For what was once
but now is now
and time is time
and so we fall
into the chasm
the deep abyss
to add unto
that ancient list

Of unknown curses
and unknown tales
of unknown spells
unanswered wails
of maidens
mage and death
the clang of armor
unending quest

For hundred years has passed this day
the mist recedes
vines pull away
and in the distance
none can believe
the tower stands
the gatemen breathe

And now the Knight
‘stride golden steed
even as the rest recedes
and takes her in his arms so slow
her breath and color
begin to glow

And magic kiss
that only He
could come to pass
bestow on She
and so for all and Evermore
the story ends
no longer lore

The ending that all
hoped to see
Has finally come
and set her free

And so it ends
yet begins anew
for all and Evermore

But somewhere . . .
dark and dread
the sorcerer rears his sleeping head
and sees thru time
what all has passed
and now decides
if all things last

For Evermore
will never be
no life is perfect
or so you’ll see

Yet time will pass
while life goes on
and on
for Evermore

// the end

I originally found the background image on alphacoders and it was named “Tauren”, but it is not there anymore, and I can’t find who the artist was.  The image, likely of a high born elf princess, has always blown me away with her intelligence, beauty, and serenity. She has a calming effect as you look into her eyes. 

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