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The Monolith – science fiction poem

The Monolith – science fiction poem
The Monolith is both a fantasy poem and science fiction poem. Like the movie “2001 – A Space Odyssey” (video plays below)  it tells of a strange monolith hidden deep on the moon. But, in this case, it is a gift from another civilization that guards this planet from invaders. Watching — always watching.

The Monolith – science fiction poem
copyright 2010 by jon gutmacher

The monolith stands on the moon
so bleak and bare
with ancient rune
carved laser like
in perfect row
what story can
it possibly stow?

Of ancient ones
of Those from space
who fathered this
the human race?

and if they’ve gone
gone to where
are any left
do any care

For Monolith stands guard above
perhaps a token of their love
and unseen beam
surrounds us all
its powers yet unknown

No invading force has come this way
the Monolith has barred their stay
their starships lost
their travels blocked
the Monolith stands tall

Yet silent moon
no rush or breeze
but empty valleys
and mountains seize
the senses all
on this bleak place
the emptiness of space

and yet
it watches
and it sees all
and programed for one urgent call
decisions light years
far away
to a race we’ll never know

But yes, they watch
and yes, they care
and yes, they travel
here and where

But never will we ever be
what may have created
and me

and the Monolith
it stands

 The background fantasy image is “Pluto’s Star” by Irene Alora, copyright Mojo World 3D, with website at, and is a view of the stars looking  from a distant, barren and alien moon.

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