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The Passing of the Beast – fantasy poem

This deeply sad and metaphysical free verse fantasy love story and poem, mirrors the story of Beauty and the Beast in an entirely different light, for here, the Beast perishes.  And only then does his love realize – that she loved him deeply. I think it is a beautiful poem, and well worth reading.  The more somber mood of this fantasy poem can also be seen in several other of my poems such as The Warrior and the RiverThe Creature, So Long Ago, and The Good King and Faithful Knight.  

The Passing of the Beast – fantasy poem
copyright 2015 by jon gutmacher

Fore the beast was dying
and there was nothing for her to do . . .
and as he took his last breath
his hand touched hers
and she knew
in that very brief moment
what she had never realized before
that he had loved her all these years
with all his soul
and that she had loved him, too

Too late
Too late
So much missed they could have shared
So many moments lost
Now, forever

But life can be unfair
as it was in this time
and the Guardians of the Castle
Dark creatures of great power
came before her
surrounded by a great mist
and gently lifted the beast
and then bore his body down to the river
of no return

Ne’re to be seen


The background  fantasy image was found at deviantart and was named “the pass”.  By the way, if you love dark side fantasy art, make very sure you stop by the artist’s deviant art site. Pretty amazing.  Anyway,  I cropped the original image, and added two more copies of the Dark Guardian into the final work. The original work is much fuller, and more excellent.  My collage portrays ghostly, cloaked  and armored guardians of great power – each one holding a long sword before it.  And don’t forget to see my Beauty and the Beast poem, although I’ll put my Cinderella poem, and Snow White poem as much better works.

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