The Poison – a fantasy poem

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The Poison – a fantasy poem

The Poison – a fantasy poem:   Those in power are often more concerned about keeping their power than being true to their duties. This fantasy poem tells the story of a queen who falls in love with a knight, and of the lies then spread by members of her court that destroy the relationship for fear the knight will usurp their influence over the queen — forcing the queen to send him away, and live without love because of that.

The Poison – a fantasy poem
copyright 2014 by jon gutmacher

The poison swirled
inside her head
she hardly noticed
she’d soon be dead
all thoughts that entered
swirled around
they killed the love
that she had found

It was so sweet
that perfect bliss
no longer would she taste
his kiss
while others whispered in her ear
so many things
for her
to fear

But poison works
as poison grows
the beating heart
it slowly slows
until there’s not
a thing to see
the poison works
so silently

And all her court
did gather round
and swore that they were
honor bound
to tell the truth
to keep her safe
but lied instead
to their disgrace

And each assured her
every day
t’was better off
with him away
and gleefully watched
their poison grow
as all her joy
began to go

And now she walks
the silent night
no one to hold
or make things right
and dreams the dream
that never was
as mist flows
slowly by

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