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The Seven Moons of Dargoor – fantasy poem

The Seven Moons of Dargoor
The story of the World of Dargoor is a unique blend of fantasy poetry, science fiction poetry, and spiritual poetry  written in free verse, and  blended into one grand speculative poem and  flash fiction story. I consider it one of my best fantasy poems. It started out purely as a love poem, and took on a life of its own, quite unexpected. The Time Lord is a God, or a supernatural guardian of a world in chaos. While he watches, the planet prepares for global war of the two dominant races —  a war that will spell the annihilation of one, or both. The Time Lord, who sees all, decides that despite Free Will — he will not allow these beings to destroy themselves — and so introduces love to both the races — something stronger and more lasting than their mutual hate — and by doing so, not only saves the planet — but changes its course, forever. The story ends when you realize that it is being told to you, as a descendant of one of the original Peoples, on the hundredth year anniversary of the Time Lord’s intervention — and the additional gift given by Him as an eternal reminder of how their world was saved — the perfect alignment of all of Dargoor’s seven moons — which happens, on this fateful anniversary, only once every one hundred years.  A magical tale of metaphysical and spiritual proportions.  And yes . . .  see if you can find the one deliberate mistake in the poem.  It’s there if you look close.

The Seven Moons of Dargoor – fantasy poem
copyright jon h. gutmacher 2011

The Time Lord stood at the threshold of the chasm
On his right stood the Minions of Darkness
Armed with hate
and fear
and loathing
ready for battle

For this was no ordinary day
It was the start
or the end
of the world

And the Time Lord was there

For too
the Forces of Good stood at the ready
their banners blew strong in the wind
snapping in defiance to the cruelty of battle
that would surely decide
who lived
who died
and what would come to pass

And in that moment
that split second before the forces joined
in rage and death
the Time Lord made a decision

No battle would be had
No world would be destroyed
No death would occur
Not even the slightest shed of blood would occur

For He had the Power
and though rarely used
sometimes what was right and good
was more important
than what was written

And so – looking in their hearts
He chose a man from the Forces of Evil
and a woman from the Forces of Good
Both warriors
Both heros
Both renowned amongst their peers
And joined them together
to rule both

And though the hate of the races was real
So the Time Lord gave them love
a thing that was more real
a thing so lasting
that nothing could stand before it

And chose five hundred of the best warriors of either side
And made them swear allegiance to their new King and Queen

And the Time Lord then appeared before Them all
and told them of His decision
and there was silence for a long time
and then suddenly
with the clamor of their swords ringing on their shields
Their voices rose as one
for a new future
where love would rule
rather than hate and fear

And the gloom of the mist that had hung long and low over the battlefield
and the Seven Moons of Dargoor shown together in perfect alignment
as They do now
every one hundred years

And on that date
A New World began
That lasts
even today
and is the History of Our Peoples

So the story of Daargor
and how the Time Lord
saved us
from ourselves
so long, long ago

The image was taken off and is by JanelArtFairy and entitled “It’s Right Outside of Your Window”  #353792027, and shows several distant moons as seen looking up from a peaceful lake on a planet nearby.

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