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The Stars and Stripes – a patriotic poem

The Stars and Stripes – a patriotic poem
What I’ve noticed more and more over the years is how few people actually fly an American flag outside their home – even on Holidays.  I see more school flags, and fantasy flags than American flags, and I find that disturbing.  I remember in my old Orlando neighborhood out of two hundred or so homes, I rarely spotted more than half a dozen American flags on the 4th of July.  Sad commentary.   

The Stars and Stripes – a patriotic poem
copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

It’s the Fourth of July
and I feel so bad
cause I can’t find, nowhere
an American Flag

I’ve looked all around
and all I’ve seen
is a fantasy flag
that’s bluish and green

It’s got a unicorn on top
and a fairy, or two
but hard as I look
there’s no red, white, or blue

I passed least two hundred houses
so where is their pride?
they’ve sat back in their homes
while our soldiers died

I remember back when
my dad was alive
we flew the Stars and Stripes
with all of our pride

I still fly mine daily
outside of my home
it flies proud and free
but all, quite alone

I don’t understand
why others don’t see
why flying that flag
is important to me

So, go fly the flag
that’s red, white and blue
and proclaim all your liberty
as an American

And let each your neighbors
never forget
that Ol’ Glory’s
still with us
forever, and

The background image shows an American Flag proudly flying in the wind.

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