The Trapped Whale – a true story poem

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The Trapped Whale – a true story poem

The Trapped Whale – a true story poem
This is not a fantasy poem, but is a true story from a Facebook post about the freeing of a humpback whale found trapped by fishing nets and lines off the San Francisco coast. The report was that she was extremely tired, and would soon drown if not rescued. A fishing boat spotted her, and tried calling for help — but there was none available. The crew seeing how dire her situation was decided to dive in, and cut her free, even at great risk to themselves. They succeeded, and the whale acted just as this poem has described — thanking each diver by gently nudging each with her nose, one-by-one, once she was freed — and then swimming off. I love this poem, because it shows these are more than just creatures — but thinking beings who deserve our protection. So, if you don’t believe these marvelous creatures have feelings and understanding — then don’t bother reading this story of truth, bravery, and gratitude. 

The Trapped Whale – a true story in poetic form
copyright 2013 by jon gutmacher

They spotted a whale
caught in the sea
vast lines and nets
had tangled She
and struggled there
above the waves
and soon would drown
if was not saved

T’was only a small boat
in the sea
that saw the whale
and plight of She
and called for help
but there was none
She’d soon succumb
her life undone

And then the men who were the crew
decided what they had to do
and grabbed their knives
jumped in sea
and took the risk
to rescue She

And plunged in deep
beneath the waves
and cut the ropes
the whale was saved

and as the traps fell off and free
the whale swam circles
in joy and glee
and ‘fore She dived
nudged each the men
to thank them each
again, again

And say you “What?”
they are just whales?
They have no brains?
T’was just a tale?”

Oh, No!
The truth – is what you see
they’re gentle creatures
in the sea
they seek no harm
no harm they give
they only ask
that they should live

So, remember well
all those who saved
and stopped her death
neath lonesome wave

The background image shows an actual photo of a whale struggling to survive trapped in fishing nets.  Lucky for  this whale, it was rescued before it drowned, due to a few brave fishermen.

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