The Unfair War

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The Unfair War

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The Unfair War

I watched the rockets from my bed
all aimed at Israel
to make them dead

It was a welcome sight to see
just kill the Jews
the way to be

I prayed to Allah
to make them dead
that is exactly what
I thought and said

And then the bombs came
from the sky
Israel struck back
I wondered why?

Were they all not
just infidels?
A pestilence
belong in hell!

My building crashed
explosions reined
my family dead
just Israel blamed

Then demonstrations
all were planned
I burned their flag
seen on C-SPAN

I cried, and wailed
my family dead!
was Israel’s fault!
that’s what I said

And all I did
was cut off some heads
raped some women
made others dead

Killed a family
here and there
burned some babies
why should I care?

And now I cry out
for revenge
a cease fire is needed
Please make this end!

So I can regroup
re-arm and learn
to kill more Jews
when I return

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