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The Viking Princess – fantasy poem

If you’re expecting a fantasy poem about a pretty princess all dressed in pretty clothes, you’ve come to the wrong poem. This is about a female Viking Warrior – a “Shield Maiden“, battle ready, and battle hardened. If anything, you’d better watch your step around her because she’s all Viking – and ready to prove it.

The Viking Princess – fantasy poem
copyright 2015 by jon gutmacher

She rode the dragon ship to shore
She stood there proud
she pulled an oar
in battle gear
for what to come
she would not falter
she’d never run

A maiden in her armor true
Who threw the spear
and drew the bow
and balanced in one hand
her sword
and swore an oath
(to) her Viking Lord

“Oh, Odin
“Send me to the fray
“Let me survive
“To fight and slay
“And then give honor to your name.”
A Viking Warrior
in gloried days!

And then the haze of battle came
with other warriors
she made her name
with flowing hair
and body lithe
She pushed the limit
her eyes
like ice

And as her enemies fell around
in blood and battle
she heard the sound
of triumph as they stormed the walls
the gatemen slain
the castle

And before the Vikings
the king bowed down
defeated, yes
blood on the ground
his life was theirs
his land was, too
those who opposed
the Vikings slew

Then took their gold
then took their king
they took the crops
took everything
and headed back
to northern lands
where men were fierce
their women

And as the dragon
breached the waves
the salten spray
the captured slaves
she pulled an oar
just like the men
and laughed aloud
to a successful end

Just then the breeze
did fill the sail
she  shipped her oar
took off her mail
and settled back
and watched the stars
With thoughts of home
so far

The background fantasy  image is a depiction of the female warrior shieldmaiden, Lagertha,  from the Vikings TV series.

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