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The Woman and the cat – fantasy poem

The Woman and the cat – fantasy poem of loneliness undone
This is a fantasy poem about a lonely woman who one day saves a stray cat, and by doing so finds the love and companionship she has been missing all her life. A story, no doubt, that has happened many times over. For pets give back so much more than the time and care they require from us.

The Woman and the Cat – fantasy poem
copyright 2015 by jon gutmacher

She went thru life
you’d never guess
without lover or
a friend

And worked each day
and worked each night
there never was
an end

She’d leave at six
and take a bus
and arrive home somewhat late
she cooked a meager supper
but she hardly
ever ate

And when she finished dinner
she’d wash a dish or two
and then head out
to her second job
and worked the evening

And finally got back home real late
so tired and so worn
and brewed a cup of steaming tea
and wish
she were not born

For the loneliness
was staggering
that’s why she worked so late
it kept her so preoccupied
it left her brain

And fingered through
old magazines
of other peoples joys
and watched from
her apartment window . . .
at the traffic and
the noise

And wondered if there would ever be
something better than she had
and once she thought of suicide
that really made her

Then saw a kitten
on the street
as she was walking home
so scrawny
without nourishment
most definitely

And picked it up
and felt it’s warmth
as it began to purr
and from that moment
her life became . . .
that scrawny cat
and her

And took it home
and fed it
and treated it just right
and gave it love
and petted it
each morning and
each night

And from that time
though lonely
she never was alone
for never was a person loved
than when she just
came home

And together did they live their lives
better than they’d be
for although the two
were still alone
they were

The background image shows a woman resting in bed, alone with her very watchful cat.

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